Ducks vs Chickens (Watson and I have a small argument.)

I promised to tell you about the ten chicks that have been in my library for the past month. Most of you all know that we have two laying houses in Pennsylvania. There are 20,000 birds in each of those houses. We started out our chicken journey when the kids were little with ten Rhode […]

God Is Good!

I had originally thought I would tell you about the cow that bloated on Easter Sunday, but I got to thinking it’s been a year since we moved here to Virginia. For all of you who have been getting my newsletter, you know it’s been kind of a crazy year, Covid not withstanding, lol. At […]

Watson and I Go on a Date

So, those of you who have children know what it’s like to hear them cry in the middle of the night.  You also know that you can often tell by their cry what the problem is. If they’re just crying because they’re bored, if there’s really a problem, if you need to call 911. It’s […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

My kids have been listening to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music lately in the car. You know, A Few of My Favorite Things? Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens? It was written to soothe the Von Trapp children during a thunderstorm. I suppose that might work for girls.  But I had […]