Trials make us stronger.

I was looking for the story about #16 but I found the one about 122 that I told early this spring instead, so I’m going to paste that one in here today: I talked last week about how slippery it has been in our pasture – especially with a skift of snow on top of […]

We have a cattle drive

Okay, so not long ago we had a cattle drive… We moved about fifty cows and their calves out of the upper field, down our driveway and into the lower trail fields. But first, I need to preface this story by saying that the night prior to us moving the cattle, Julia was in bed […]

I use soap.

Sunday we had to vaccinate our fall herd and treat a few cows.  We did that last fall and I talked about it a little. I was chasing cows, got knocked around a bit and at one point I was pinned against the fence and ended up pretty sore with a lot of shades of […]

Grace and peace in the middle of life’s storm.

Alright, I promised I was going to tell you what has been going on with me. Some of you are like family to me, and have suspected that there was something going on. I wanted to tell you, but…let me start with a little story. I can picture Chasidi in preschool – bouncing pigtails, sweet, […]