The Small-Town Boys 

The Small Town Boy’s Redemption

Blade Truax did some street racing when he was younger. Illegal, sure. But that’s not what sent him to prison. It was the lying, conniving Watkins girl and her father, Judge Watkins.

He did his time, and he’s out. But he has to register. Despite the fact that he was innocent to begin with.

He’ll never drive down that road again.

His fines are paid, his time is served. All he wants now is to build his business legitimately. No more stripping exhausts and smoking the turbos.

But in order to get soccer moms and little old ladies to bring their cars to his shop, he needs to look legit.

Liberty Watkins suspects her sister lied. But she could never prove it. And Blade looked guilty.

Still, Liberty couldn’t stop believing in him.

So, when she gets the opportunity to supplement her church secretary job by becoming his parts person and bookkeeper, she’s tempted.

When he suggests a dating relationship just for the summer, she’s not as sure.

She’s not interested in being his temp.

Can she convince the bad boy to make her his forever girl?

The Small Town Boy’s Secret Romance

Her family is the reason his brother went to prison.

Thad Truax is focused on getting the shop he owns with his brothers on the right side of the law and turning a profit, but he’s not against the idea of romance. So when he sees a beautiful woman along the river, he doesn’t hesitate to strike up a conversation that leads to friendship.

Unfortunately, by the time he realizes who she is, he’s already falling for her.

After the awful incident that split their town and ended up with Thad’s brother in prison, Justice Hopkins could never be seen in public with Thad Truax. But there’s another, even more explosive reason they can’t be together.

Still, they can’t keep pretending to be strangers during the day while stealing sweet kisses at night under the willow tree.

Can they bring their relationship out to their family and friends without it destroying them?

The Small Town Boy's Second Chance

Foster can’t forget Holland’s betrayal.

Foster Truax is standing firmly on the right side of the law – he’s grown up since his younger, wilder days, and is firmly committed to helping his brothers make the Richmond Rebel’s shop the best in Virginia. He’s no longer street racing. The past is the past, including the “girl” who rode beside him when he was Richmond’s unofficial champion street racer back in high school.

Holland Powell has always been a good girl. She ran with the right crowd in school, got her college degree, a fabulous job, the right husband and had two children with that husband, before he walked out, taking her job, her kids and her self-esteem. When she’s involved in a car accident and needs a place to recover, she has no choice but to move back in with her mother and face the boy who represented her only walk on the wrong side of anything, and who she could never forget.

The past lies between them, thick and heavy and impossible to overcome; except their attraction is there too, sparking and charging the air in the house they share.

Is it possible they could develop a friendship to bridge the gap between trust and passion?

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