A Heartland Cowboy Christmas

Heartland Joy

Shawn Barclay didn’t plan to stay in Iowa long. He’d only left his family and the close-knit community of Mistletoe, Arkansas as a favor to his parents. They’d asked him to help the daughter of a friend who was in an accident.

After arriving in Iowa, it doesn’t take long before Shawn invests in saving more than the woman’s farm. When he sees how the town avoids her, he decides to save her reputation, as well.

Bridget Rawlings isn’t exactly considered a catch in Prairie Rose, Iowa. In fact, the locals all but shun her and her three children. A cloud of death and disaster seems to surround both her and her farm. After all, The Bad Luck Widow has already buried two husbands.

Although she admires Shawn’s courage and willingness to help, Bridget doesn’t welcome his aid.

What if the locals are right? What if she is bad luck? She’s not willing to risk Shawn’s life and prove them right.

Then Shawn makes a very public surprise announcement. Will it solve Bridget’s problems, or break both their hearts?

Heartland Cheer

They got married in secret then her prison sentence came between them. Can they recapture what they once had?

Braxton Emmerson was born and bred in the heartland. He loves his farm and his family, but he was willing to give it all up for the woman who stole his heart.

But she didn’t want to give up her career and insisted on keeping their romance a secret. But then her business partner doubled crossed her and she ended up with a prison sentence for tax evasion.

Now she’s out and she’s much wiser. Family is more important than her career. Unfortunately, she’d hurt Braxton deeply and the only reason he’s coming to see her is to give their daughter a Christmas with her mom.

Will two weeks and a little Christmas cheer be enough to help them see they’ve always been meant for each other?

Heartland Romance

Elias Emerson has worked hard and become a successful businessman. Fellow businesswoman Catherine Hutchison has been with him, helping him, all his adult life, but he’s never really paid attention to her. She’s just there.

Never noticed how much she did for him behind the scenes. How much she lifted him up and made him better. How much she sacrificed to give him the support and encouragement he needed.

Until she announces that she’s quitting her job and moving away from Prairie Rose.

Catherine Hutchison has spent almost two decades working with Elias. She’s done everything she can for him to help him become successful, never thinking he would pay her back or return any favors, just because she believed in him and wanted to see him do well and was in a position to help.

Maybe she had a crush on him at one time, but he’d never returned her feelings and they’d remained friends.

Now, she’s facing the test of her life and needs to move closer to family.

Except Elias has a perfect solution she’d never considered.

Can two friends become more with the help of a crazy family and a Christmas miracle?

Heartland Gold

After her husband walks out, leaving her with three small children, Shelby isn’t interested in romance. She just wants her roof to not leak and the furnace to work.

Keene Emmerson is ready to settle down, but he’s not expecting to find love in a single wide trailer amidst the chaos of kids and construction and a pair of September sky blue eyes.

When Keene volunteers to take some Christmas gifts out to Shelby’s place and help put an addition on her trailer, he doesn’t expect to start falling for the down-on-her-luck single mother. He’s only thinking he’ll spread a little Christmas cheer and do a good deed or two.

But when a snowstorm collapses Shelby’s roof and forces them together for the holidays, he realizes he’s falling for the woman who swore never to marry again.

Can he convince her that a good man is worth risking her heart for?

Heartland Giving

He’s dating one sister and falling for the other.

Originally diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, Esther MacCartney is frustrated because she’s been bedridden for months and doctors can’t tell her if she’ll ever be well again. The only person who’s visited her regularly is her sister’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Monroe.

He makes her laugh and treats her like he enjoys her company. But her sister has a job offer off the farm and Esther is afraid Monroe will propose to get her to stay.

Monroe Hutchison is spending the winter in Prairie Rose, Iowa, and thinking about settling there permanently. The MacCartney sister that’s he’s been kind of dating would make an excellent farmer’s wife, but it’s her younger sister, Esther, who makes him laugh. He enjoys her company and sometimes forgets that she never gets up from the couch and could never handle the rigorous life of a farmer’s wife.

If he kisses one, can he forget about the other? But which sister does he want to kiss?

Will Esther ever get better? Could Monroe sacrifice the dream he’s had since childhood to be able to care for the sister who captivates him? Or will he be like everyone else and overlook her charm because of her sickness?

They’re all wrong for each other, but why does being together feel so right?

Heartland Holidays

He’s the kind of man who falls in love once and for forever. But the woman he fell for rejected him and married another. He avoids her and fills his life with family and farming.

Carmen will always regret her biggest mistake – believing a man’s lies and marrying a jerk. She’ll always love Preston, but she’ll honor the vows she made and do her best to be the best wife and mother she can possibly be.

Then an accident changes everything. With some extra cash and a glorious freedom, Carmon could totally reinvent her life with no help from anyone. But maybe there’s a reason to stay in Iowa after all.

Heartland Stars

After working beside her sisters for years on their Iowa farm, Meg McClosky finds herself alone, trying to do the work of three people.

She’s never been one to mope around, but she’s lonely and tired and at the end of her rope – desperate enough to give serious thought to an offer that has come in for the farm…and for her.

Farris Warner has spent the last ten years fighting. Fighting the cancer that took his wife’s life, leaving him a widower with four small children. Fighting the government as it took the farm that had been in his family for eight generations through eminent domain for a new airport. Fighting to keep his sanity as he tried to work his farm, raise his kids and keep up with lawyers and doctors and teachers and schools.

He’s desperate.

Desperate enough that when an old buddy makes an outrageous suggestion…he’s ready to take him up on it.

Can two down-on-their-luck strangers take the pieces of their lives and make something beautiful out of them?

Heartland Mistletoe

Late one night Lincoln was delivering a yard decoration when he came upon a wild, unruly teenager throwing stones at the window of his neighbor’s house. He tackled the belligerent child and was about to call the cops when she informed him she was his neighbor’s sister who had been locked out of the house.


Not the best beginning, but it gets worse when he accidentally walks into her house and accuses her of squatting in it.

Annie has never trusted large men, and Lincoln has not only attacked her, but he’s thrown unfounded accusations of thievery at her as well.

There is no way she’d ever fall in love with that man.

Except The Snowstorm of the Century hits and the two of them are pitted against nature to try to save the elderly folks in their care.

As they work together will they find out that sometimes first impressions are wrong?

Heartland Faith

She made a mistake and married the wrong man.

Once the vows were said, she had to keep them. After all, they were said to God just as much as to her loser, neglectful husband.

And so for fifteen years and four children, Carmen Magnus stayed true, kept her word and did her level best to love the man she married.

But she never forgot the man who could make her heart race and whose life was as straight and true as it had promised to be in high school.

Preston Emerson would never love another. He wasn’t the kind of man who could fall for anyone. And it was better to stay single than to be married to one woman while he constantly fought off thinking about another.

After all, the woman he’d fallen in love with had married another.

He could stay away from her, but he couldn’t keep from helping her.

But then one day a single decision changes their lives. The past comes back. Secrets come out and in the virtual storm a love that had been dormant bursts to life.

Will they bank on faith and take a second chance at love?