The Baxter Boys

Baxter Boys Boxed Set

Three GREAT romances for one LOW price! Get the first three books in Jessie Gussman’s Baxter Boys series in this boxed set!

Always With You, Baxter Boys Book 1 – One night changed everything. But he never stopped loving her. What would happen if they had a second chance? Sweet, small town romance.

Forever With You, Baxter Boys Book 2 – A car accident brings them together. Will her fiance or his secret tear them apart?

Still With You, Baxter Boys Book 3 – She’s a librarian. He hates books. Will she turn away if he trusts her with the one thing that could make her hate him?

Always With You

One night changed everything…

Cassidy Kimbell killed a man when she was only nineteen.

Torque Baxter took the blame, serving ten years for her crime.

He told her to flee the scene of the accident. He told her to run. He told her to keep her mouth shut, so that’s what she’d done. She’d let a boy with a crush become an innocent man behind bars.

Today, that man is being released.

Cassidy expects Torque to hate her. She knows nothing she has done to atone all these years can compare to what he’s lost. But she hopes becoming his sponsor on the outside, especially since she’s a lawyer now, might help.

Little does she know, Torque doesn’t want her to owe him.

He wants her to love him.

But to do that Cassidy would have to give up the life she’s built for the last ten years. She’d have to sacrifice it all, just like he did.

Forever With You

An energetic philanthropist and a quiet mechanic are thrown together through a car accident. But the mechanic has a secret and the philanthropist has a fiancé. When the secret is exposed, the philanthropist must make a choice: will she choose love over money?

Kelly Irwin just wants to help children like she used to be—underprivileged, hungry, and with a family so mixed up she wasn’t sure who she really belonged to. None of them wanted the responsibility to raise her. She’s convinced herself that she loves her fiancé and that they’ll make a great team.

Tough Baxter is trying to establish his business and keep his side job a secret. After all, most people don’t think that a man who can barely string two sentences together in the presence of a woman would make a very good relationship advice columnist. Then Kelly moves her children’s center next door to his garage and suddenly not only are his plans to expand his shop wrecked, but his secret is in danger of being exposed.

After spending time with Tough working and helping kids, Kelly can’t deny the attraction she feels for the soft-spoken mechanic. But she has a fiancé and a life plan which doesn’t include Tough, so she turns to the advice columnist all of America is writing to. Will he tell her to follow her heart or pursue her dream?

Still With You

She doesn’t laugh. He can’t be serious. How will they ever work together?

County librarian Harris Winsted can’t believe she lost her leading man. No. What she really can’t believe is that her friends think Harris’s childhood nemesis, Turbo Baxter, might be able to play the part. Even if it is just a small production to raise money for a hospital library, Turbo’s class-clown personality makes him a disastrous choice.

However opening night is three short weeks away. Left with Turbo as her only option, she can only hope he suddenly develops a brain, decorum and a big boil on his handsome face, because when the guy decides to be charming, he is irresistible. But the attraction stops there. She could never be with a man who professes his hatred of libraries and laughs about never reading a book.

Turbo Baxter always knew the harmless pranks he’d pulled over the years might catch up to him, but he never expected his brothers, and their wives, would seek revenge by blackmailing him. But, without another choice, he agrees to their terms: one stuffy librarian’s play in exchange for free repairs to his rig. He’s ready to get back on the road and away from books, libraries, and, most of all, beautiful librarians who are in desperate need of a good laugh.

Can two opposites overcome their differences and fall in love?

His joking nature masks a dark secret. Will she turn away if he trusts her with the one thing that could make her hate him?

Second Chance With You

A driven company executive and a hard-working mechanic must set aside their differences and try to work together.

After spending the last fourteen years raising his twin sisters, Ben Baxter is ready to start his own diesel repair business. But the big trucking company he works for asks him to move to Pennsylvania and manage their home terminal shop, which is located in his home town. Ben has to turn the offer down—his estranged family thinks he’s married and he won’t show up without a wife at his side. His sisters, ever resourceful, hatch a plan to get their brother “married.”

Riley Coleman has been tasked with turning the underperforming home terminal shop of her family’s company into a profit-turning masterpiece. She’s worked her butt off for the company, and is determined to get the corner office her father has promised if she is successful. The key to pulling it off is getting the best shop manager. She knows the perfect man. Unfortunately, he’s not interested…unless she agrees to his terms.

Can they work together despite their painful past and the sparks that still fly between them?

For Keeps With You

She’s a daredevil. He’s a healer.

Therapists can’t date clients anyway.

After breaking her back in a horrible bike accident, motocross princess Dusty Gibson faces months of physical therapy just to walk normally again. Her handsome physical therapist makes her recovery a little more pleasant. But no relationships for her.

She has a championship to win.

Roland wants to start his own practice. He can’t bend the rules now. Even if she’s the first woman he’s met who can make him forget his dead fiancée.

He already lost one woman who was addicted to speed. He’s not risking his heart on another.

Could love be the ultimate cure?