Blueberry Beach

Yesterday's Treasures

She doesn’t want a divorce, she just wants…something. Something more than being a single mom yet doing a man’s laundry.

After fifteen years of her husband never having time for her, Lindy Coats moves with her teenaged daughter to their summer cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan outside the town of Blueberry Beach.

With a lonely single dad on one side of her, a crochety old business owner on the other and a young mother with terrible secrets and a son fighting leukemia across the road, it doesn’t take Lindy long to discover that learning to enjoy life is less about what she chooses to do for herself and more about what she chooses to do for others.

As she sinks into the small town atmosphere, healing her soul and excited at a new business opportunity, her ex shows up, wanting to reconcile.

Can she decide between her bright tomorrow or come to see the values of yesterday’s treasures?

Enjoy this delightful, heartwarming beach read today!

Tomorrow's Blessings

Anitra Pollard has lived in Blueberry Beach all her life, an idyllic small, lakeside town where regular people go to escape real life.

Unfortunately Anitra’s real life couldn’t get much worse, despite the idyllic setting.

Her husband left not long before her oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia. Worse, the head doctor on the team assigned to her son looks very much like the man she had a short, but very sweet, summer fling with…and the father of the child she carries.

Her life couldn’t get any harder or messier, but she will let nothing get in the way of getting the very best care for her son, even if it means staying married to her cheating husband to keep his health insurance and rebuffing the overtures of the doctor who thinks he recognizes her.

Thankfully she has the support of her friends and neighbors in Blueberry Beach – her safe harbor in the middle of life’s storms.

But even they can’t protect her from the heartache of losing everything she’s always held dear.

Will her new baby be the beginning of tomorrow’s blessings?

Beautiful Forevers

They both want to make things work, but will their children come between them?

Gage has been happy in Blueberry Beach, living above the store on the Main Street, working from home and raising his two girls. Alone.

The tightknit community supports each other and his daughters enjoy working in the ice cream shop and playing in the beach band.

When Zariah and her teenage niece, Macie, move in across the street, opening a clothing boutique, Gage’s attraction to her is immediate. Their relationship seems too good to be true. Or maybe it’s Macie that’s too good to be true.

When Macie is caught in a crime spree that includes stealing cars, destroying property and dealing drugs, the small community is shocked and appalled.

Will Gage and Zariah’s relationship be able to weather this storm? Will Blueberry Beach ever feel safe again?

Precious Memories

Laura Wilson is back in Blueberry Beach, dealing with a mysterious illness that has depleted her energy and left her listless and unable to enjoy life.

She’s working part time in her grandfather’s shop when a mysterious stranger rents the small apartment above theirs. He’s strong and athletic and handsome and full of life and energy.

They couldn’t be farther apart physically, but they bond as they each take on more responsibility as her grandfather’s health declines.

Will they decide providing precious memories to the hundreds of customers in the little old shop is enough to build a future on?

Misty Mornings

As they agreed on the night of their high school graduation, Leiklyn and her two friends, Tiffany and Willen meet on the porch of the Manor at Blueberry Beach on April Fool’s day, eighteen years after being given their diplomas.

Life hadn’t turned out as expected for any of them.

A single mother for fifteen years, Leiklyn recently lost her job in HR for an oil company and her unemployment is running out.

Could the manor she and her friends bought for $1 at a tax sale in celebration of graduation be the change she needs to move forward in her life?

Or will it just complicate things when she finds out the explosive secret her fifteen-year-old daughter is hiding?

When she finds out that her old high school crush – and the only one who knows her most terrible secret – now owns the hardware store and will be working closely with them on renovations, Leiklyn must choose whether she wants to start over somewhere else, or whether the draw of spending misty mornings by the lake with a man who understands her all too well is worth the risk to her heart.

Sweet Afternoons

Willen Hawkins knew exactly what she wanted to do with her unexpected inheritance: use it to fix up the Indigo Inn at Blueberry Beach.

After all, it’s been more than eighteen years since she graduated from Blueberry Beach High and left town.

The life she’s created for herself is far more lonely than the life she’d envisioned for herself as a teen. But if she wants to reinvent herself and start building the life she wants, she has to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and start now.

Drake Jensen wants to disappear.

Being voted the sexiest man alive for the past five years, starring in eight of the top ten highest grossing movies of the last decade and being the most sought-after leading man in Hollywood didn’t keep his wife from running off with the nanny, taking his kids and destroying everything he’d thought he’d been building.

Hiding out at a newly opened inn that no one has heard of before and getting a job as a laborer should keep his identity under wraps.

He’s not staying.

But he hadn’t planned on the town being so supportive nor on falling in love with a woman who is determined to make him her enemy.

Can Willen learn that she doesn’t need to be perfect in order to be loved? Will Drake be able to choose between Hollywood and the new life that could be his?

Magical Twilights

They say you can never go home.

Tiffany Grant wanted to return to her hometown of Blueberry Beach in style – but a bunch of bad choices mean that she’s crawling back with barely a penny to her name.

At least her debts are paid off, even if she had to sell everything she owned to make that happen.

She has a lot of regrets and a lot of sins and secrets to make up for. So, the first thing she does when she arrives at Blueberry Beach is to stop at the church and volunteer for every program they have.

Kane Burton has a secret past of his own. No one expects their pastor to have been a male stripper.

God’s forgiven him, and his life has changed, but the members of his church in Blueberry Beach might not be so loving, so he’s kept everything he used to be a secret.

Until a woman from his past shows up. She could ruin everything if she recognizes him.

He could just move on, except he can understand what she’s going through better than anyone else. And how can he leave the woman he’s falling for?

Tender Mercies

Can someone over fifty still find their soulmate?

Bev became a successful business woman, designing her own line of spandex undergarments for plus sized women and amassing a fortune as the company grew to a multibillion dollar international conglomerate.

If she hadn’t lost her baby and broken up with her boyfriend when she was fifteen, none of her financial success would have ever happened.

She really doesn’t regret leaving Blueberry Beach and becoming successful. As long as she avoids Bill, the older man whom she’d loved as a teen and the father of her baby.

Bill had never been ambitious and was content to stay in Blueberry Beach and run the surf shop, looking for ways to help his fellow business owners and dispensing wisdom learned from over five decades of living.

He’d been shocked when he found out Bev’s age years ago, but he still believed she was his soulmate. Unfortunately, when their baby died, her love for him died, too, and she’d dumped him hard.

He’d married, had children, divorced and wondered if there really was such a thing as a soul mate.

Then, a long held secret from one of the town’s pillars is disclosed and directly affects Bill and Bev, destroying everything they thought they believed.

Could they possibly find their soulmates – and a family – in the ashes of their lives?