Coming Home to North Dakota

Cowboy Walking Away

After being fired from her waitressing job and coming face-to-face with her ex, Rose Baldwin lets a little lie escape.

She forgot there is no such thing as a “little” lie.

Knowing she has to go and confess that she lied, she allows herself to be talked into playing The Piece Maker’s Dating Game and somehow ends up “fake-dating” her partner.

Derek Fields is a rancher intent on buying his grandparents farm. His wife left him and he’s ready to come home and settle down.

But he needs a caregiver and the one that seems to have fallen into his lap is his Dating Game partner and also the woman he’s agreed to “fake-date.”

Only neither one of them are good liars and their straw house could never survive the wild North Dakota wind…or could it?

Do they have the character and faith to face their problems and build a solid foundation together?

Books in the Coming Home to North Dakota Series:

  1. Cowboy Walking Away
  2. Cowboy Coming Home
  3. Cowboy Finding Love – Available April 19, 2022

Cowboy Coming Home

He saved her life. She owes him a summer. The price might be too high for both of them.

Armstrong Brant stepped between Glory Baldwin and a charging cow. He ended up with broken ribs and a farm and family he couldn’t care for through the pain.

At the prompting of The Sweet Water Piece Makers Quilting Club, Glory volunteers to watch Armstrong’s four children while he recovers. She owed him and it made sense. But she never expected to fall for a man with four boys.

Armstrong isn’t comfortable sitting around. And he’s definitely not comfortable watching someone else do his work. But he’s downright surly at the idea of allowing another woman into his life after his ex simply walked away.

Still, he doesn’t have much choice since he can’t even change a diaper with his broken ribs.

Spending a summer together might convince both of them they could take a chance on each other, but when his ex walks back into his home, he’s faced with a choice: does he walk away from the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Or will he come home to stay?

Books in the Coming Home to North Dakota Series:

  1. Cowboy Walking Away
  2. Cowboy Coming Home
  3. Cowboy Finding Love – Available April 19, 2022

Cowboy Finding Love

Five divorces, three boys, one snowstorm and two people who want to be anywhere other than where they are. Only God could use it all to make a beautiful love story.

Bellamy Levine is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, but she just inked her name on her fifth divorce settlement and her personal life is in shambles. Again.

She vows it’s for the last time.

That’s why she’s rented the entire vacation spot in rural North Dakota and intends to spend the holidays alone, figuring out what she’s going to do with her life.

Calhaun Powers was blindsided when an old classmate rolls into Sweet Water claiming the oldest of her three boys is his. He knows for a fact the kid isn’t his son, but he finds himself watching all three kids while he renovates vacation houses for his neighbor.

God seems to be testing him in a strange way when he ends up snowed in with Hollywood’s biggest movie star – five times divorced – and three boys who aren’t his, but who need a dad…and a mom.

Can two people who come from completely different worlds find common ground and build a family together?