Sweet Water Ranch Billionaire Cowboys

Cowboys Don't Marry Their Best Friend

He calls her Squeegie (Long story.)

She calls him Cowboy. (It’s the hat.)

He needs to get married. (There’s an inheritance, you know.)

She’ll set him up. (It’s just like buying a tractor…um, maybe not.)

Then they do something really dumb. (Yoga was dumb, but that’s not what we’re talking about.)

They kiss.

Big mistake.

Now what?

Cowboys Don't Have a Secret Baby

Waitress and single mother Louise Olson wouldn’t have missed church to stay home with her sick daughter if she knew the congregation was going to volunteer her to head up the town’s Harvest Festival. Truth be told, she didn’t mind, and would have enjoyed it.

The problem was Sweet Water’s superstar hockey golden boy was back in town, and he had been named her co-chair. That even wouldn’t be a problem except he didn’t know he was a father – of her daughter.

Hockey forward Ty Hanson grew up on a ranch in Sweet Water, North Dakota, but once he left for college he never went home. He wouldn’t be there now except for the off-season injury his agent wanted kept secret so it didn’t affect his marketability, so he was to hang out in Sweet Water, North Dakota until the season started.

His first Sunday back in the church of his childhood, he gets selected as a volunteer to co-chair the Harvest Fest committee with the girl he could never forget.

When Ty and Louise are forced to work together, Louise is compelled to tell Ty the secret she’s kept from everyone. The attraction between them still burns strong, but Louise was on the verge of getting married and years of neglect and betrayal lie between her and her accidental summer fling.

Cowboys Don't Marry the Beauty

He couldn’t face her.

She was too beautiful.

He’d been deformed in a farming accident years ago.

He’d managed to build a successful business on his North Dakota ranch, but clients didn’t need to see him. His sister handled the face of his company.

Until his sister took a vacation and hired an out-of-work supermodel to take her place.

He couldn’t show himself to her. Although after dark he could share his love of the stars with her.

But the more he hides, the more she wants to see.

Cowboys Don't Have a Fake Marriage with Their Best Friend's Sister

She’s his best friend’s little sister.

He’s never noticed her. Not like that.

He needs to marry to inherit his money, so he’s hired a woman to be his fake bride. Only he’s too sick to get married.

Now he’s confined in his small house with his fake fiancée-to-be and his best friend’s little sister. The ladies don’t seem to get along.

And one of them isn’t what he thought.

Should he follow the plan, or follow his heart?

Cowboys Don't Have a Marriage of Convenience

It was supposed to be simple.

Marry the tall Texan. Her children get a father. They save the ranch.

A business transaction, nothing more. She definitely wasn’t going to fall in love. After her husband ran off with her little sister, she was no longer susceptible to cowboy charm.

Except, the North Dakota girl had never met a Texas cowboy.

He married her for the ranch.

A former champion bull rider needs a spread to call home, even if it is in North Dakota.

Even if it comes with four little kids.

And a big, black, slobbering dog.

Especially if it comes with a woman with enough sweetness and enough toughness to rope his heart and heal it.

The cowboy’s not afraid of anything…except losing his heart again.

Cowboys Don't Believe in Fairy Tales

He’s the billionaire heir of Sweet Water Ranch. His family is throwing a ball and he must choose a wife.

She’s too poor to attend the ball as a guest. But she can go as the hired help.

One magical dance and a case of mistaken identity later, and nothing is as it seems.

If he backs out, he loses everything.

She never had anything to lose to begin with. Other than her soul-mate.

Will he choose love over a multi-billion dollar business and the biggest ranch in North Dakota? Can she let him give up everything for her?

Cowboys Don't Have a Secret Romance

Called The Preacher, Clay Stryker has lived a life as straight as a North Dakota highway. Everyone thinks the pen and notebook he carries around is to jot down poetry or possibly notes on Scripture. They don’t know he has a secret…romance.

Angel Hall has never forgotten the night she was rescued from a child trafficking ring. She definitely hasn’t forgotten the man who wouldn’t back down, refused to look the other way and risked his life to save hers.

He made a promise to her. And she’s riding west to make sure he keeps it.

Cowboys Don't Buy Their Bride at Auction

Can love bloom between a woman who was forced to sell herself and the man who bought her to get her ranch?

Roxane Peterson is up for auction. Well, her and her ranch. She knew it would be too much to hope for that the man who bought her would be more interested in her than in the property, and money, that came with her. But she’s been down this road before – a marriage that isn’t perfect. Her only concern now is protecting her son and making sure she keeps her independence.

Boone Stryker is disillusioned and restless. Seeing a ranch, and a woman, up for auction challenges his soul and gives him a reason to live again. He risks everything he owns to win the ranch. But in order to win the lady’s heart, he could lose so much more. 

Cowboys Don't Marry Their Enemy

Release date 10/29!

Can you love someone and hate them at the same time?

She led him on, lied about him, then dumped him for his cousin.

She was his enemy.

He walked.

But he loved her still.

Can people change?

Cora Fischer knew they could. Heartbreak, abject poverty and a mother’s bear instincts to protect her children at all costs could turn a selfish, spoiled girl into a strong, formidable woman.

But first loves die hard.

They were enemies, never lovers, despite what she told her family and the town. She hated him then, and he hates her now.

But she can give him what he wants, and she’s willing to make a deal. Is she strong enough to conquer her foe and not destroy herself?

Or maybe she could write new chapter:  old enemies make the best husbands.