Faith and Fun on the Family Farm

The Farmer's Hometown Girl

He’s too serious. She’s too prissy. Neither of them knows that they’re both not what they seem.

Shawn Barclay can’t seem to get out of the shadow of his goof-off reputation, despite the fact that he’d been working his own farm, successfully, for years.

So, when his match-making parents suggest he head to Ohio to help a friend of a friend who’s been in an accident, it isn’t hard for him to sell and move, hoping to reinvent himself in the process.

Maybe he’ll find a girl who is just as serious as he plans to be.

When Bridget Rallings’s father is hurt in an accident, she fully intends to continue to take care of everything on their family farm herself.

But her dad her dad hires some out-of-state guy from down south – a real stick-in-the-mud who never smiles and wouldn’t recognize a joke if it slapped him in the forehead.

She doesn’t want to spend five minutes working with a guy like that, let alone end up in a relationship with him.

But after working with him for a while, she realizes he’s not quite what he seems, and when the community has trouble accepting an outsider, a relationship with the hometown girl might be just what that farmer needs, as long as she doesn’t lose her heart.