Stories from Jessie Gussman’s Newsletter

Chickens in Canaan Land

Don’t read this in bed!

Especially if you’re lying beside your sleeping spouse.

Or while you’re eating breakfast.

Or at work.

Or at the library.

Or any other time where silence is golden or you have your mouth full.

Hi! I’m Jessie Gussman and I get emails all the time from people who spewed their coffee/half-chewed toast/cereal out all over their e-reader.

Or who woke up their spouse while reading my newsletter because they were laughing so hard.

Or who save my emails until they get home from work because they don’t have the kind of job where howling and rolling on the floor is acceptable conduct.

But not every story in this book is laugh-out-loud funny.

Some of them will make you cry.

Some will make you think.

And some of them will make you shake your head and wonder how in the world someone like me has made it through life without being put in a straight jacket and carted away.

Not even close. I get paid to write love stories.

Lol Life is weird, I agree.

I’m a wife, mother and farmer by day, romance novelist by night and in my spare time, I write about my life from prison.

Kidding about the prison part. (At the time of this writing, anyway. No one has figured out if there was actually a body in the car that’s buried in my dad’s back yard – that story’s in the book, along with the time I caught myself on fire and my kid was laughing too hard to blow me out, how to charge a 1600 pound, angry mama cow (and why you’d want to), odd Amish courting rituals (involving frogs), and how not to fall out of your husband’s Peterbilt as he’s driving down the interstate.)

There is a lot of faith, family and fun in my fiction books, and WARNING: my real life has a ton of all that, too.

But life on the farm is not always fun. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it hurts and those stories are in here, too.

Thanks so much for choosing to spend a little time with me today!



The Farm on Naked Creek

Hey, Everyone! I’m Jessie Gussman and I write love stories.

I guess some people think that a writer’s life is glamorous. Especially a romance writer.

This book was written to disabuse that notion.

I’m kidding. That’s not the purpose of this book, although it’s a definite effect.

It’s true that I’m a USA Today bestselling author, which, I have to admit, surprises me as much as anyone.

My husband and I also own a trucking company. We have two twenty thousand bird free-range laying houses (our eggs are probably in your grocery store!), raise grass-fed beef cattle, homeschool our kids and are on a first-name basis with the Game Warden and the state police (mostly because of the kids and not really my husband).

I frequently cook for strangers, occasionally hide from my family and own more fire extinguishers than the average person (for good reason).

Sometimes, when I sit down at my computer, instead of writing the next chapter in my latest romance, I write about my life.

Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes funny. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking and sometimes you just see life through the eyes of a farmer, growing older every day and maybe just a little wiser.

We do a lot of laughing, some crying and every day is a learning experience wrapped in the love of God and held in His hand.
That’s what I share with you in this book.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today!