Come to the small town of Cowboy Crossing, MO 

and watch these honorable single-dad cowboys find love!

Best Friends in the Show Me State

Now available to read in KU!

They’ve always been best friends, but he’s never known about her secret fantasy…

Marlowe Glass has always been the girl next door. Responsible and organized, she is raising her orphaned niece while holding down a full-time job.

Clark Hudson knows the only woman on the planet who isn’t a man-eater is his best friend, Marlowe. She stood with him in high school and has had his back ever since his wife walked out on him to pursue a career in New York City. They’ve been best friends and neighbors forever.

When a tree falls on her house, of course he offers to allow her to live with him while her house is being fixed.

Their personalities and parenting styles don’t mix – she’s super organized with a rigid schedule and he’s very relaxed, but their years of friendship have given them insight into the other’s personality.

Maybe these best friends could fall in love, if it weren’t for the kids and the ex and the in-laws, along with the fear that they could ruin the best friendship both of them ever had.

Can they risk their life-time friendship for the chance of a life-time love?

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Meet the Sweet Water Ranch Billionaire Cowboys

Small town, sweet romance with vivid characters, humor and heart.

The Cowboy’s Best Friend


He calls her Squeegie (Long story.)

She calls him Cowboy. (It’s the hat.)

He needs to get married. (There’s an inheritance, you know.)

She’ll set him up. (It’s just like buying a tractor…um, maybe not.)

Then they do something really dumb. (Yoga was dumb, but that’s not what we’re talking about.)

They kiss.

Big mistake.

Now what?

Fall in love with Sweet Water, North Dakota. Small town, sweet romance with vivid characters, humor and heart.

Now available to read in KU!

Fall in Love with the Baxter Boys

SNUGGLE up with SWEET romance that will WARM your heart and CURL your toes.

The Baxter Boy’s Sacrifice

One night changed everything…

Cassidy Kimbell killed a man when she was only nineteen.

Torque Baxter took the blame, serving ten years for her crime.

He told her to flee the scene of the accident. He told her to run. He told her to keep her mouth shut, so that’s what she’d done. She’d let a boy with a crush become an innocent man behind bars.

Today, that man is being released.

Cassidy expects Torque to hate her. She knows nothing she has done to atone all these years can compare to what he’s lost. But she hopes becoming his sponsor on the outside, especially since she’s a lawyer now, might help.

Little does she know, Torque doesn’t want her to owe him.

He wants her to love him.

But to do that Cassidy would have to give up the life she’s built for the last ten years. She’d have to sacrifice it all, just like he did.

Now available to read in KU!

The Small Town Boys Series

Blade Truax did some street racing when he was younger. Illegal, sure.

But that’s not what sent him to prison.

It was the lying, conniving Watkins girl and her father, Judge Watkins.

He did his time, and he’s out. But he has to register. Despite the fact that he was innocent to begin with.

He’ll never drive down that road again.

His fines are paid, his time is served. All he wants now is to build his business legitimately. No more stripping exhausts and smoking the turbos.

But in order to get soccer moms and little old ladies to bring their cars to his shop, he needs to look legit.

Liberty Watkins suspects her sister lied. But she could never prove it. And Blade looked guilty.

Still, Liberty couldn’t stop believing in him.

So, when she gets the opportunity to supplement her church secretary job by becoming his parts person and bookkeeper, she’s tempted.

When he suggests a dating relationship just for the summer, she’s not as sure.

She’s not interested in being his temp.

Can she convince the bad boy to make her his forever girl?

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