The newsletter I didn’t want to write

Saturday we put embryos in. I love working cattle, but by the time we’re done, I’m tired and sore. And, making things a little harder, I had to stop and get Finn up and feed him. The girls had been taking the overnight, but I tried to help out starting with the early morning feeding, […]

God in our thoughts

I was at my mom’s this week and one of the things we did together was listen to the Bible on my Bible app. (I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone to know that I have several Bible apps on my phone and one that even reads it to me as well as several Audible audio […]

A Finn story!

I had a busy weekend, and I actually have a couple stories from it. I’ll tell the one about my day on Saturday next week, maybe, but for today, I wanted to talk about Finn. I mentioned before that last December I did something crazy and bought a few draft horses. I’ve always loved them, […]

Finn is born

I think it was last Saturday that I needed to write 30K words to finish a book on time. That’s a lot of words for me. I had just finished and was pretty tired. I figured I’d call it a day, when Julia screamed up the stairs that we needed to go outside right away. […]

Looking at Jesus

A devotion from Jessie: April was a busy month for me. I had some personal issues that made it rather difficult and I also had a couple of books I needed to write. I actually write pretty well when I’m busy. When I’m physically active, it seems to help me think better. But when I’m […]

Inspiration from unlikely places

So, another suggestion that I got from all of you was that you’d like to hear where my inspiration comes from for the books I write. Sometimes I scratch my head about this, because I know I get it from somewhere, but I don’t always remember where. : ) But, yesterday I was driving to […]


We all have things we’re waiting for, right? Healing. A better job. Children. A spouse. Wayward children to come back. A broken relationship healed. I usually assume God has me wait because I need to develop patience. But lately I was thinking that maybe God might be having me wait because I need time to […]

Boy, do I have a story for you : )

Okay, so I’ve told you about our Akaushis and how they’re a little…aggressive. (Pie says the difference between the Akaushis and the Angus are that the Akaushis don’t quit. Once they go after you, they don’t stop until they have you.) If you didn’t read last week’s story, you’ll want to read that to get […]

It’s about the cross

I wrote a devotion a couple of years ago, and I thought it might be fitting to put it in the newsletter today, so here it is: Back when my kids were little, like elementary school age, one of my best friends and I put on the fall and spring Presentation Nights for our homeschool […]

Killer Akaushi

I have a farm story below. It’s one that some of you have read before, but I have a new story I want to tell you next week and you need the background from this one to fully appreciate it. So, farm story below – read at your own risk! : ) I didn’t mention […]