Dipping Into My Stash

At the end of our driveway, we have about four mail boxes. We don’t have that many people living on our lane, but the mail person refused to go any farther, so that’s where they put their boxes.  Anyway, a couple of years ago, one of our neighbors moved out. We got along with them […]

My Purpose List

I hope everyone has had an amazing week! Mine has been busy. This time of year tends to be that way, right? I have a picture on Facebook somewhere of some of the produce I harvested from my garden.  Gardening was something I gave up so I could write books, but after being in Pittsburgh […]

Greater love hath no man than this…

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13 Last week, we had a cow freshen the night before we wanted to rotate the cows out of the pasture. We do things a little oddly on our farm (I think that’s a trait that is […]

A Special Delivery

This week we had an equine vet come to preg check our horses. The girls had a great time watching as the vet did ultrasounds on each of our mares. We have four that are bred and due to foal sometime next year. The vet was very serious when she was talking to the girls, […]

Our Ice Cream Detour

I had a lot of work to do over the weekend, but Sunday evening I promised the girls I’d take them for ice cream.  I was sitting on the porch, waiting for them to finish their training session with their dogs, when it started to sprinkle.  I love rainy days and I love sitting on […]

God. Is. Enough.

Here’s a devotional that I shared in the Reader Chat at the beginning of the year. I have a person that I deal with rather frequently, and I like them. They claim to be a Christian. But there are certain situations I’m in with that person when their whole personality seems to change and I […]

Ginger Gold, Honey, and Helping

I hope everyone had an amazing week! My girls and I have been on the farm in Virginia this week. We usually spend a lot of time in the evenings sitting on the porch, chatting and enjoying the evening, watching the sun set and seeing the stars pop out and the heat of Virginia summer […]

A Soft Underbelly

We’ve been busy on the farm, but mostly with things that are completely normal – making hay, feeding cows, horses, chickens and pigs – although we did have another little one born Sunday. We found this one right away and he got his earring. : ) I wanted to share a story today that I’d […]

The Parable of Talents

I’ve been thinking of the parable of the talents lately. You know, the one where Jesus talks about the three servants whose master was going away. He gave one servant ten talents to keep while he was gone. One servant five, and one servant, two. When the master came back the servants with ten and […]

Sometimes Things… Don’t Work Out

I think I mentioned last fall that we “flushed” our Akaushi cows and put some embryos in our fall herd. “Flushed” basically means that we set them up to come into heat and to release more eggs than normal. After they were artifically inseminated and the embryos had started to develop, but had not attached […]