Happy Palm Sunday

Happy Lord’s Day! I know, I don’t usually send an email out on Sundays, but I have a few things I needed to tell you. : ) I do have a devotion below, though, so be sure you scroll down and check it out.  First, I wanted to thank you all for your support on […]

I have a baby!

Alright, short story. : ) Yesterday was a crazy day for a lot of reasons, but things had finally quieted down towards evening. The girls had gone to help a neighbor with her horse, when Watson came home and hollered up the stairs, “George, I have a project for you.” Well, I had been working, […]

Which ear do we use?

I have a short farm story for you today. Earlier this spring, we had several calves born on the same day. We had already tagged several when we found another sweet little newborn.  This cow was #11 and we weren’t expecting her to be too bad, since she backed up when I got out swinging […]

Gates 101

Watson was in PA and Julia and I were on the farm by ourselves. Now, when I was a kid on the farm, it was drummed (and I mean drummed) into my head, that if you open a gate, you go through, and you SHUT it behind you. Watson, who grew up in a logging […]

Horse rescue.

Hey! It’s Jessie again with that farm story I promised you. : ) So, Pie has a German Shephard, Roxie. We sent Roxie to get some training and last Sunday after church we were supposed to go pick her up. Roxie had been Pie’s constant companion and she’d missed her terribly. She was a little […]

Pie and I make a coat

Alright, Jessie again. : ) So, last week I told a story about #28 and #44 who both had calves overnight and somehow (I have NO idea how) they both only wanted #28’s calf. Neither of them would take #44’s calf, even though we brought it over and tried hard to get his mama to […]

We don’t take the doors off

Hey! It’s Jessie again with a farm story. : ) So, I know over the years I’ve told a lot of angry mama cow stories, and those stories have kind of slowed down this year, mostly because of the ranch horses we have.  With our more aggressive cows, Pie takes her horse down, and they […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

God often compares His love for us (Christians – men and women) to what we think of as “romantic” love. I think for ladies, especially, God put in us a desire to be desired. To be pursued. To be noticed and known. To have someone appreciate what we do, understand us and really see us […]

Dining Out

Okay, I’m going to confess—I love to go out to eat. Love it. I mean, doesn’t it feel so decadent to have a whole menu of options in front of you to choose from? You can pick anything you want, and someone else will make it! Then someone brings it to your table along with […]

I go riding…

here is something I wrote in September of 2021: All right, I promised I was going to tell you what has been going on with me. Some of you are like family to me and have suspected that there was something going on. I wanted to tell you, but…let me start with a little story. […]