Jessie Gussman's Complete Book List

Series appear in reverse-chronological order below, with newest series at the top. Books are listed in series order beginning with the first book of each series.

Raspberry Ridge

  • On the Sandy Beach
  • Under the Rising Moon
  • Down the Dirt Road
  • Around the Next Bend
  • Into the Golden Sunset
  • Beyond the Setting Sun

Sweet View Ranch Western Cowboy Romance

  • A Cowboy’s Forever Faithful
  • A Cowboy’s Growing Grace
  • A Cowboy’s Secret Crush
  • A Cowboy’s Heart of Gold
  • A Cowboy’s Gentle Touch
  • A Cowboy’s Calm Strength

Strawberry Sands

  • There I Find Rest
  • There I Find Peace
  • There I Find Love
  • There I Find Joy
  • There I Find Trust
  • There I Find Hope
  • There I Find Light
  • There I Find Patience
  • There I Find Wisdom
  • There I Find Happiness

Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch North Dakota

  • Just a Cowboy’s Marriage of Convenience
  • Just a Cowboy’s Best Friend
  • Just a Cowboy’s Enemy
  • Just a Cowboy’s Midnight Bride
  • Just a Cowboy’s Love Story
  • Just a Cowboy’s Secret Baby
  • Just a Cowboy’s Shotgun Wedding
  • Just a Cowboy’s Princess
  • Just a Cowboy’s Fairy Tale
  • Just a Cowboy’s Love Song
  • Just a Cowboy’s Lifetime Love
  • Just a Cowboy’s Dream Come True
  • Just a Cowboy’s Happily Ever After

Coming Home to North Dakota

  • Cowboy Taking A Chance
  • Cowboy Walking Away
  • Cowboy Coming Home
  • Cowboy Stealing My Heart
  • Cowboy Finding Love
  • Cowboy Dreaming Alone
  • Cowboy Rescuing Me
  • Cowboy Dancing All Night
  • Cowboy Falling Hard
  • Cowboy Looking at Me
  • Cowboy Wanting Everything
  • Cowboy Whispering My Name
  • Cowboy Marrying the Lady

A Heartland Cowboy Christmas

  • Accidental Fianc√© with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Second Chance with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Best Friends with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Snowed In with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Wrong Sister with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Convenient Marriage with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Marriage Contract with the Heartland Cowboy
  • Mistaken Identity with the Heartland Cowboy
  • First Love with the Heartland Cowboy

Blueberry Beach

  • Yesterday’s Treasures
  • Tomorrow’s Blessings
  • Beautiful Forevers
  • Precious Memories
  • Misty Mornings
  • Sweet Afternoons
  • Magical Twilights
  • Tender Mercies

Sweet, Small Town Romantic Comedy in Good Grief, Idaho

  • Me and the Cute Catastrophe
  • Me and the Tidy Tornado
  • Me and the Helpful Hurricane
  • Me and the Sweet Snowstorm
  • Me and the Dreamy Doomsday

Cowboy Mountain Christmas

  • Dreaming of His Kiss (Prequel Novella)
  • Dreaming of Her Cowboy’s Kiss
  • Dreaming of His Convenient Kiss
  • Dreaming of Her Secret Santa’s Kiss
  • Dreaming of His Snowed-In Kiss
  • Dreaming of Her Best Friend’s Kiss
  • Dreaming of His Pen Pal’s Kiss

Stories from Jessie Gussman’s Newsletter

  • Chickens in Canaan Land
  • The Farm on Naked Creek
  • Beef Below the Blue Ridge

Cowboy Crossing

  • My Dearest Marlowe
  • My Dearest Ivory
  • My Dearest Blair
  • My Dearest Madeline
  • My Dearest Waverly
  • My Dearest Emerson
  • My Dearest Reagan
  • My Dearest Athena

Richmond Rebels Sweet Romance

  • The Small Town Boy’s Redemption
  • The Small Town Boy’s Secret Romance
  • The Small Town Boy’s Second Chance

Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance

  • The Cowboy’s Best Friend
  • The Cowboy’s Secret Baby
  • The Cowboy’s Beauty
  • The Cowboy’s Best Friend’s Sister
  • The Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage
  • The Cowboy’s Fairytale
  • The Cowboy’s Secret Romance
  • The Cowboy’s Bargain Bride
  • The Cowboy’s Enemy
  • The Cowboy’s Mistletoe Christmas
  • The Cowboy’s Marriage Mistake
  • The Cowboy’s Second Chance (Supplementary Novella)

The Baxter Boys

  • Take Me Away (Prequel Novella)
  • Always With You
  • Forever With You
  • Still With You
  • Second Chance With You
  • For Keeps With You

Sweet Haven Farm

  • Harvest Moon Homecoming
  • Better Together
  • Just Right
  • Anything for You

Stand-Alone Books

  • Turbocharged
  • An Amish Sanctuary
  • The Christmas Car Kerfuffle (Novella)

Collaborative Series Books

  • Friends With The Hero: A Christian Firefighter Christmas Romance (Heroes of Freedom Ridge)
  • Faith In The Hero (Heroes of Freedom Ridge)