Today is a special day for me.

We are gearing up for spring calving season here on the farm. We’re making sure we have some frozen and ready-mix colostrum, as well as ear tags and bands.  For those of you who are new – I LOVE calving season! Watching a birth is new and amazing to me every time, and seeing the […]

Mom’s “Onions in the Stew…”

I have a short story that I shared a while ago, but since it’s chili season, I thought I’d share it again. : ) I think I’ve mentioned before, my parents are frugal. We always had a big garden and did a lot of cooking and canning, and we got meat from the farm. (Mom […]

One more question!

I said I wasn’t answering anymore questions, but I realized there was one I’d meant to touch on. Several people asked me if it was really me on social media, and I’ve seen reviews that mention that the reviewer doesn’t think I really write my own books. If I think about it for too long, […]

How do you do it all?

Wow! January is half over already! It’s hard to believe. I hope it’s gone well for all of you.  I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and for me, at least, the wait is almost over – Just a Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage releases THIS Friday – in both ebook and audio!  We’ve had a nice break, four […]

A Sweet Note for All of You

I always get great feedback from authors who are in my newsletter about you all, but this week I got the nicest note thanking me for what you all did, and I ask the author if she’d like to thank you herself. She definitely wanted to and also wanted to offer you something, so here […]

Moms & Grandmas

Before Christmas I did something a little crazy.  I bought four draft horses for myself, three old Belgian mares and a Percheron. Draft horses are the big, heavy work horses you see hitched to Amish plows and doing field work. I’ve always loved drafts, maybe because they’re so big and powerful, but also usually very […]

I answer a few more questions…

I hope you’re all doing well today! The third episode of Christmas Car Kerfuffle is out on Say with Jay. I have a preorder up for the first book in my new series, releasing January 20th. I never do this, but I have it on for $.99.  Also, I had a lot of requests for […]

Happy New Year!

Wow! I was so blessed by all of your emails to me about reading the Bible through last year. What a joy to know so many people are in the Word. Of course, some of you read it slower, in smaller chunks, and that’s totally fine, and some of you copy it out by hand, […]

How was your 2022?

I wanted to pause for a minute and thank you all for a wonderful 2022! I’ve seen a lot of authors recapping their year in books, and that’s always fun, and I do have a graphic of mine, but for sure, reading The Book – God’s Word – through means more to me than how […]

What I’ve been up to this morning

I don’t really have a farm story from this morning, but so far, I’ve broken ice in several water troughs (we don’t have trough heaters here in Virginia), fed my bottle babies, and helped Pie move a calf who came to us with her mom a month ago, but her mother died. Pie was taking […]