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I was at my mom’s this week and one of the things we did together was listen to the Bible on my Bible app. (I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone to know that I have several Bible apps on my phone and one that even reads it to me as well as several Audible audio Bibles.)

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts. Psalm 10:4

As the narrator read this verse, I thought that if the wicked *don’t* have God in all their thoughts, then it stands to reason, that the righteous *do* have God in all their thoughts, right?

I wondered, does God really expect us to sit around and think “religious” thoughts all the time? How are we supposed to get anything done if all we’re doing is thinking about God?

I admit, I wasn’t listening anymore as I pondered if that’s really what the Lord wants.

I think when ladies get upset that their husband doesn’t remember their birthday or anniversary or some other special thing, it’s because it makes them feel unloved because they feel like he wasn’t thinking about them. Usually we don’t articulate it like this, but we feel like if he loved us, he would think about us. (I think in general, men compartmentalize their thinking and women don’t, so some of the disconnect is there, but that’s a distracting rabbit trail right now.)

Now, I write romance ; ) and one of the ways that I often show that my couple is falling in love is that they think about each other all the time. They can’t get the other person out of their head and can’t keep from wondering where they are and what is going on with them.

Maybe that’s a little of what the verse means.

Still, as I was thinking about the verse below, I noticed the preposition “in.” God is not “in” all his thoughts. It’s not a matter of thinking about God all the time, it’s that He’s “in” the thoughts we think.

Ladies, I think you all will know what I’m talking about, but our home pretty much revolves around Watson. I don’t cook with mushrooms, even though I love them, because Watson hates them. I don’t typically even buy mushrooms. If he’s going to be late – I make a late supper. If he’s in the field, I cook something that we can take out to the tractor easily. I set my book and writing plans around when he’s planning to be in PA or Virginia. If he has a big project going on, I clear my schedule. Thoughts of Watson affect what I do, when I do it, what I buy – they affect pretty much everything. It’s not that I’m thinking about him, necessarily, it’s just that he’s in my thoughts and that affects what I do.

I believe that’s what this verse is saying – we don’t have to sit and do nothing but think God thoughts.

God is in our thoughts when we smile and treat the clerk who is being short with us kindly.

When we don’t flip off the driver who cuts us off. When we give a soft response to unkind words.

When someone cheats us or puts us down and we don’t think about getting them back – God is really in our thoughts if we pray a blessing on that person instead. (That is something that is SO hard to do, right?)

When we get up on Sunday morning and go to church – not because we “have” to or because people expect us to, but because we love God and want to fellowship with other believers (even if/though they’re not perfect).

When we see others’ imperfections and cover them with love.

When we do these things for Him and not for our own benefit or glory.

God is in our thoughts when what we do reflects who He is – the Bible says, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

When God is in our thoughts, we become more like Him. It’s one of God’s laws. It has to happen – think about God, reflect on who and what He is and you will become more like Him.

If we’re Christians, that’s our goal – to become more like God. It starts in our thoughts and it manifests in what we do.

Friend, I challenge you, make what you do a reflection of Who you think about – put God in all your thoughts.

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  1. That is a great comparison when you talk about your husband not that he is always in your thoughts but automatically is a part of how you think or something like that made sense thanks for sharing.

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