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Hello Sweet Readers!

I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July! We had a great weekend and a little excitement on the farm. I was going to put a story in today, but I’m telling a story about Jay today. I have an awesome sale to announce tomorrow, so I’ll put it in tomorrow’s newsletter, okay?

But first, I have LOTS of excitement in today’s newsletter. There’s something I CAN’T WAIT to tell you about, but first, the always-amazing Natalie Dean has a sweet, second chance romance new release today! The blurb looked fantastic, and I’m going to grab it for myself.

Take a look, then scroll on down to see an offering from one of the sweetest people I know, Victorine Lieske – a FREE audio on YouTube! After that is my big announcement!

New from Natalie Dean!

Cowboys' Mom Finds Love: Western Romance (Baker Brothers of Copper Creek Book 7) by [Natalie  Dean]

She’s afraid of loving again. He doesn’t want the heartbreak. Can they help each other get over their fear and give love a second chance?

Liz Baker is the family matriarch of six sons at Cedar Hollow Ranch. It’s been two years since her husband died, and there’s still a void within her heart that will never be filled again.

She’s been strong for her sons—she had to be. But now they’ve found their own soul mates and going to all these weddings is bringing up grief over what she’s lost.

Then her sons and daughters-in-law decide it’s time to play matchmaker…

Michael Donahue is the sheriff of Copper Creek and loves his job. He lost his wife five years ago to cancer and doesn’t want to go through that pain again.

Until he sits next to Liz at one of her son’s weddings. Liz… his high school crush. She’s still just as beautiful as she was way back then. Her laugh fills him with warmth. And her smile makes it hard to think.

With Michael’s job as a sheriff, Liz’s fears of losing someone she loves come roaring back to life. And Michael may have to choose between Liz and the job he worked so hard for.

Can Liz and Michael get past their fear and take a second chance at love?

Listen to Victorine Lieske for FREE!

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Jessie again! : ) Big announcement time! : )

Okay, getting to introduce Jay’s previews has become my favorite part of the newsletter. Seriously, he comes up with the greatest ideas, and I get to sit back and laugh. So, while him wearing the suit on our 50th audio preview has been my favorite so far…today might just surpass that.

Now, a little background.

You all know Jay is an amazing voice actor, and I’m so blessed that he does my books. And he does all the backend editing, and does all his tech work, and he’s even awesome as a teacher when he explains all that stuff. I’ve told you how artistic he is – you can see it for yourself in the thumbnails he makes. The one for this week is awesome, but I don’t have it in today because…

Jay is an amazing cook. No kidding. So, just in the course of our conversations he’ll say, “I’m heading off to make this for dinner” and he’ll put the link to some really amazing, really yummy-looking, really tempting recipe, which I’ll have to go out the next day and get ingredients for so I can make it, because he always makes it sound so good. He’s never given me a bad recipe. (He also cleans, but I wasn’t going to say that because I figured no one would believe me – there is such a things as too perfect, right?)

Anyway, this past winter sometime, Jay mentioned that his son’s fiancée, Jenna, was coming over to their house for dinner. He said out of all the things he makes, her favorite recipe is his Bacon Crockpot Chicken, so he was running out to grab the ingredients so he could make it for her.

Now, I didn’t say anything at the time to him, but I just thought that was the most adorable thing ever. Over the years we’ve worked together, it’s been so obvious to me that Jay loves his son, William, to bits and pieces, and now, it’s just so much fun to see how crazy he is about Jenna (who is now his daughter-in-law). So much that he’s making a special trip to town and making her favorite dish and doing all of that to show how much he loves her and how special she is. Just super sweet.

I know I’m always telling you all what a great guy he is and what a big heart he has, and that’s just one of many, many stories I could tell to show you what I mean. Even that is probably going to embarrass him, but I wanted to give a little background on why we decided on some changes to Cowboy Stealing My Heart – changes my ARC readers haven’t even seen.

So, to get the rest of the story : ) you’ll have to click below and hear from Jay. (And, yeah, I’m spoiling it a little, because you can tell from the screenshot I…stole…that Jay is going to cook for us today! And, yes, that IS bacon, and yes, you will be laughing, I promise!)

LIVE preview (my favorite kind!) for Friday and a…recipe!…from Jay!

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Cowboy Stealing My Heart is going to release on FRIDAY for FREE on Say with Jay! The ebook will be available on Amazon on Tuesday.

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