One more question!

I said I wasn’t answering anymore questions, but I realized there was one I’d meant to touch on. Several people asked me if it was really me on social media, and I’ve seen reviews that mention that the reviewer doesn’t think I really write my own books.

If I think about it for too long, that second one can really annoy me, considering how much I sacrifice to be able to write. I can tell you every single book with my name on it is written by me and me alone. God might take my mess and make something out of it, and sometimes people might suggest I make changes, but I put every word in that manuscript myself. 

As for social media, that is all me. Sometimes I have someone make my graphics or schedule my posts, but ALL comments are mine, and most of the time, especially in MY group, I make all the graphics and schedule everything. 

For example, in Hannah Jo’s birthday bash today, I made the graphics and posts, but I asked Chasidi to grab them and schedule them. I will be the one to like or answer any comments on the post. 

There is a New Year’s Round up in the Clean Cowboy group and I asked Chasidi to make and schedule those posts based on my ideas, but I will like and answer any comments. 

Today, I have a new release graphic for my page which I made myself and I will post it myself. 

So, that’s how my social media is handled – all comments and likes in Facebook and Messenger are mine. So, if it looks like you’re talking to me on social media, I promise you, unless my account was hacked, you are. : )

Thanks for celebrating my new release today – don’t forget to grab your copy and listen on Say with Jay!

Hugs and love,

Jessie ❤️

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful words. Many of us go through some rough challenges as our families battle with illnesses and change. It is hard to maintain grace when in their crosshairs. Your writing and characters bring me peace and help me cope. I am sure you have helped so many. Thank you.

    In this political mess, I reflect on your Heartland words of the importance and talking to others with different opinions, while being respectful. Wouldn’t that be a grand goal for our “leaders”?

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