I hope everyone is having a great week!

So…about mine. Actually, let me give you a conversation I heard my girls have at the end of last week.

Daughter 1:  It’s like there’s a big wave of death that keeps hitting us over and over.

Daughter 2:  More like a swirl of death that is swirling over us and is stuck there.

Daughter 3:  It’s not just over our farm, since two of our neighbors just passed away.

Daughter 1:  (sounding a little scared) So…it’s not just animals. It’s people now, too.

Me (being helpful): When I was a kid, people always said death came in threes. (Okay, so maybe rather than being helpful, I was sticking my foot in my mouth.)

Daughter 1:

Daughter 2:

Daughter 3:

Me (trying to remove my foot):  But, you know, that’s not true, since we’ve had way more than three deaths on the farm.

Daughter 3:  Maybe it takes, like, three animals to make one person…

Daughter 2:  More than that.

Daughter 1:  But we still have another person that needs to die.

Me: (still trying) It was just an old wives tale. You know, it’s not true. Like Santa Clause. It just seems that way sometimes.

Daughter 1:  So…it could be more than three.

Oh, goodness. I’ve said before that on the farm, we’re a lot closer to life and death. We see it almost every day. But like that old adage – when it rains it pours – we’ve been going through it more than usual lately. 

We can handle it, of course. The Lord doesn’t give us trials that He doesn’t help us through. : )