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Hi everyone, it’s Jay Dyess (you know, the audiobook guy?), and I wanted to share a little bit more of the message that I shared in today’s sneak peek preview over on Say With Jay

As many of you know, I’m a huge University of Alabama football fan (and alum), and one of the many things I admire about Coach Saban is the effort he puts into developing players off the field. Every year he brings in multiple speakers from different walks of life: everyone from Kobe Bryant to Condaleeza Rice, Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter to Michael Jordan. But one of the most memorable for me was Emmy-winning professional baseball and basketball announcer Ernie Johnson, Jr., who spoke to the team in 2021.

Ernie spoke about a few different things, but the real focus of his speech was his son, Michael, who the Johnsons adopted after his wife Cheryl saw a news report of special-needs orphans being warehoused and forgotten in Romania. While his wife was holding then-three-year-old Michael in the orphanage, a nurse told her “Don’t take this boy, he’s no good.” Can you imagine? Thankfully, Cheryl didn’t listen, and even though Michael couldn’t walk or talk, they brought him back to Georgia. The Johnsons believed, deeply, that there is value in everyone. There is purpose, and there is value, in absolutely everyone.

Michael was soon diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an ultimately-fatal disease where the body’s muscles waste away – most children who suffer don’t make it out of their teens. While Michael needed a motorized wheelchair and ventilator for mobility, he was able to attend Mill Creek High School in the Atlanta suburbs. Even basic communication for Michael was difficult, but his favorite phrase that he repeated to everyone he’d meet – and he’d say it even if you hadn’t said it first – was “Love you, too.”

It was at Mill Creek that Michael met teacher and basketball coach Phil Bollier, who, interestingly enough, always taught all his students how to say “I love you” in sign language: index finger, pinky and thumb extended out – and if you wiggle your index finger, that means “I love you, too”. After the coach met Michael, he approached Ernie to ask if Michael could be on the school basketball team (“his five-foot tall impact player with zero vertical leap”). He wanted Michael to teach his team maximum effort – to move any part of his body took everything he had – and to teach his team about having a heart for others.

Johnson goes on to say that on the basketball team’s senior night, the school is honoring the seniors before the game, and he and his wife follow Michael’s wheelchair onto the basketball court. He looks up into the crown to see the entire student section – hundreds of students – standing, with their hands raised, thumbs, index and pinky fingers extended: “Love you, too.” “This kid, this Romanian orphan… and this coach from Indiana, somehow got together in a gym in Braselton, Georgia, and taught this huge school about love.”

There is value in everyone. When we take the time to step away from ourselves, from concentrating on our own lives, we can find the opportunities to help others see that value in themselves. It’s a chance to “Be A Better Human”.

Michael passed away on October 29th of last year, at age 33 (a miracle in and of itself), two months after Ernie spoke to the Alabama football team. If you have five minutes today, please go and watch Ernie’s message on YouTube HERE

It’s time very well spent.



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