How was your 2022?

I wanted to pause for a minute and thank you all for a wonderful 2022!

I’ve seen a lot of authors recapping their year in books, and that’s always fun, and I do have a graphic of mine, but for sure, reading The Book – God’s Word – through means more to me than how many books I published or how many words I wrote. I have the last three chapters of Revelation to read before I finish. 

Anyone else read the Bible through this year? I’d love for you to reply and tell me you did! : )

So, I was wondering about you all. What was special about this year for you? What happened that taught you some lessons? What celebrations did you have? Maybe there was a death, a birth, a graduation or maybe you beat cancer. Reply to this and tell me what you loved or hated about 2022. Tell me what you’ve learned, what surprised you, what you regret and what you’re going to be sure to do again!

For me, most of you know that my grandson was in the NICU from the time he was born until he was four months old. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with my granddaughter during that time. It was hard in a lot of ways because her little life had been upended with her mom needing to be with her brother in the NICU and her dad needing to work. But I know without that happening I wouldn’t have gotten to spend so much time with her, with her in PA and me in VA, and I know for sure that I will always cherish the time I got to be with her. 

It was also so sweet to get to know my amazing daughter-in-law better. I couldn’t have hand picked a better or more suited wife for my son, and I just admire and love her so much. 

The highlight of my year was getting to see my grandson go home and to see that little family be together for the first time. What a beautiful, unforgettable, amazing day.

So, anyway, I don’t usually do this, but just below I have a pic of Pie and my granddaughter playing in her pool this summer, and just below that is another one of the fun things that happened to me this year. 

After living here for two years, we finally made it to a little state park not far from our home. It was such a beautiful, relaxing place. My girls work hard here on the farm, especially in the summer, and it was so much fun to see them get to play and goof off some.

So, before I say anything else, I wanted to tell you a short conversation I had with my girls in the car.

Now, my Good Grief, Idaho series came out in audio a while ago, and none of my girls listened to them because they were in first person, and they didn’t like that.

So, they hadn’t heard Mr. Dyess do Me and the Sweet Snowstorm. 

But, Pie finally ran out of other things to listen to, I guess, and really got into the series. Pie had one earbud in, listening to Sweet Snowstorm for the first time as we drove down the road as Julia and I talked.

I had just asked Julia if we needed more calf feed when Pie interrupted us. “Mr. Dyess has a helicoptor?!?!”

Julia:  Huh? 

Me: He does? I need to be better friends with him.

Pie:  It says in this book he does…and he has a lot of underwear, too!

Julia: Huh?

Me: Oh. Well, I don’t know about the underwear – and I’m not asking, so don’t even – but I totally made up the helicoptor.

Alright, just in case you were wondering what the girls and I talk about while we’re driving down the road.

As I was contemplating the end of the year, I was thinknig about our audios, though, and how Say with Jay went from a newborn baby channel to…would you believe I counted up and I think we have 57(!!!) audio/videobooks up? 


I didn’t know how to show 54 audios, and didn’ t know whether to show the thumbnails or the audio covers, so I took a screenshot of the playlists. 

Honestly, it’s so impressive when you think that last year this time there was NO channel at all, and now…look at it!

I actually realized about the beginning of December that Jay had NO vacation this year. 

I guess when you go from nothing to a channel that looks like that, you don’t get to take much time off. Hopefully we’re going to change that in 2023 and try to make sure he gets a few breaks.

Alright, I promised I’d answer a few questions, so I’ll do that now.

Where will I find Lark’s story? I am intrigued. 

Thanks for asking! I always refer all questions about Lark to Michaela. (Love you, girl!) I’m kidding. Jay and I are actually planning something fun for Lark’s story later this year, so to answer your question, it’s not written yet, but there are definite plans for it, so stay tuned!

Is there a story for Cassie and Mav from Cowboy Whispering My Name?? By the way, I love your books!! Thank you!!

Wow, thank you Keila! I’m so glad they’re a blessing to you. : ) And there is not a story for Cassie and Mav, but I am planning to write that in the Flyboys series that will start releasing on Say with Jay and in ebooks on 1/20/23, so keep an eye on my newsletter and I’ll let you know.

How did the recipe book get published with the typo on the cover?

Haha. That’s a great question. Mostly because I can’t spell. Sorry. It’s not a great area for a writer to be bad in, but it’s the brain God gave me. Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. : ) 

How much do you weigh?

lol I don’t know who you are, but you are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

Alright, I have more questions to answer, including the one half of you submitted: How do you do everything? lol 

I’ll be answering questions from now until my first release in January. I have plenty, but if you think of one, you can ask HERE.

This is the last time we’ll chat this year, but I’ll be seeing you next. Have a beautiful holiday and a blessed and prosperous New Year!

Thanks so much for spending time with me this year, and I’m looking forward to sharing books and faith and fun and smiles with you in 2023!

Hugs and love,

Jessie ❤️

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