What I’ve been up to this morning

I don’t really have a farm story from this morning, but so far, I’ve broken ice in several water troughs (we don’t have trough heaters here in Virginia), fed my bottle babies, and helped Pie move a calf who came to us with her mom a month ago, but her mother died. Pie was taking care of her, but we have a pony who’s due to foal in the next six weeks and we wanted her to have a pasture to herself, so we put the calves together.

We have a few new horses and I broke the ice in their trough and put some water in it, then went down and spent a little time trying to make friends with them. One of them is due to foal in February and I’d like her to like me a little so she’s okay with me helping her if she needs it.

We have both herds fed hay – we unwrap it, put it in the bale grinder and take that across the field in the tractor. I suppose I could take a video sometime and put it on YouTube. I’ll let you know if I do. 

Anyway, I saw our newest baby. Actually, we laughed because she and her mom were the first ones to the hay today. Yesterday I watched from the window as the little one tried to play with some of the bigger calves and her mom kept chasing her friends away. lol She’s got a good mom.

Alright, now I’m back in at my computer, writing this and watching the Blue Jays eat the calf feed I put out this morning for my bottle babies. There are seven of them (at least I think so. It’s kind of hard to count.) and I know jays aren’t always welcome in backyards, but I love watching how acrobatic and fun they are.


~Jessie ❤️

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